Aboriginal Reconciliation Commitment and Understanding.

We are proud to share the Brightside Consultants Aboriginal Reconciliation design that shows our understanding & commitment.

A very talented Aboriginal Artist (Tees Creation and Design) perfectly showed what BrightSide Consultants core values means to our participation in understanding Aboriginal Reconciliation personally and professionally. It’s a journey we look forward to been a part of. We are eager to learn and grow with Aboriginal Businesses.

The following is the design explanation as written by our artist.

“The middle circle represents Brightside Consultants, then we have lines connecting to the outer circles, these represent the 5 core values of Brightside consultants; The top left – faith & respect, middle left – trust, bottom left – openness, top right – growth and bottom right – drive for success. The dots represent the people who work within the company. The small gathering circle represents First Nations people, it has a river like pattern connected which represents the flow of knowledge being shared to all Australians (dots on outside of circles) knowledge of histories, cultures and achievements of First Nations people. To reconcile with First Nations people Australia must learn and accept our history this will than work towards righting the wrongs of the past, to effectively move forward.

I have added your company colours as well as a bit green in the middle of each circle to represent your Irish culture. I have also added the red and yellow and black as it represent the aboriginal flag.”

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