Going To Talent | International Recruitment Campaign 3 | Nov 2022 – Jan 2023

Building on the success of IRC2 – ‘Going To Talent’ International Recruitment Campaign 3 (IRC3) is confirmed for November, December 2022, and January 2023 (IRC3). We are heading to USA, UK, Ireland & the EU.

The Demand for Australian and International Professionals is real – BrightSide Consultants have tested and proven this on their latest International Recruitment Campaign (IRC2) in July & August 2022, when we went to the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and the EU on a 6-week talent acquisition campaign for our exclusive partner clients.

Building on the success of IRC2, IRC3 has been scheduled. BrightSide Consultants Tier 1, 2 and 3 Clients in the Construction and Civil Engineering are looking for interested professionals to join the Infrastructure Lead Economic Recovery here in Australia in 2023.

‘Going To The Talent’ International Recruitment Campaign (IRC3) is happening across November, December & January 2023 in the USA, the UK, Ireland, and the EU.

BrightSide Consultants is offering exclusive partnership opportunities for Australian-based companies in the Construction & Civil Engineering sectors to access the talent pool of international candidates we will attract and source.

To enquire about joining as an exclusive partner in BrightSide Consultants’ forthcoming International Recruitment Campaign (IRC3) please call me on 0447 491 462 or register your details and schedule a call with me this week.

BrightSide Consultants are recruiting for White Collar Professionals from International Markets in the following roles and sectors.

White-Collar Professionals

  • Construction Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Engineers, Project Engineers.
  • QS, Commercial, Contract & Dispute Professionals 
  • Rail and Tunnel Engineers 
  • Metro / Rail Testing and Commissioning / DE Professionals 
  • Bid Tender and Estimation Professionals – Building & Civil 
  • QS, Commercial, Contract, and Dispute Professionals
  • Rail Surveyors – Western Australian 

Industry Sectors 

  • Water Infrastructure 
  • Civil Engineering – Road and Bridge 
  • Metro, Fast Rail, and Tunnelling Infrastructure
  • Professional Services – QS, Commercial, Contract, and Dispute Professionals
  • Built Environment – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial
  • Data Centre Sectors
  • Forensic Engineers – Consultancy 
  • Residential Post Tension and Building Remediation 

Register your interest to become a partner on IRC 3 with BrightSide Consultants gearoid@brightsideconsultants.com.au

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