The BrightSide News July End 2023

The talent market in Australia in particular for Construction and Civil Engineering talent has never been more competitive and complex to add, with a large number of jobs on offer and professional’s having the pick of these opportunities. We also see record low levels of unemployment that compounds candidates attitudes. I am advising my clients and professionals I represent to be prepared, be ready, be different in how you present your company, the employment offer, who you pick to interview and your interview processes/systems ( feedback & offer timeline) and look for the qualities in the candidate not the perfect professional who may not exist at that current time. To my professionals I speak with, advise and build careers for, I work with them on putting the effort into their CV’s, project portfolios that market themselves much more authentic to show future employers they are persons who will add value to the organisation, not just filling a role.

Lets get more personal & make greater efforts to attract the right opportunities, conditions and ambitions that work for both parties – this starts from the clients engagement with the agency of choice, the level of information given, the ambitions for the role articulated, so the recruiter can represent this opportunity with knowledge, integrity and use their skills and networks to attract the best fit for each role and on the other side working with the candidates to present them in the best way aligning with the clients needs.

BrightSide Consultants July Events and Global Opportunities presently #wearetruelyglobal

”Middle East Mega Projects” Sydney July 2023

BrightSide Consultants 🇦🇺 🇮🇪 🇬🇧 🇳🇿 🇪🇺 We Build Great Teams welcomed a valued client from Dubai and KSA for an Information night held in the Hilton Sydney that detailed some of the ”Middle East Mega Projects” the event was targeted PMC Project Managers, Development and Project Directors

USA Opportunities – Moving2USA 🇺🇸 a sister company of BrightSide Consultants have been commissioned by Top Tier US Firms to attract Australian talent to the US Construction and Engineering under the E3 Visa Pathway and E2 Visa Pathways, These opportunities are open to global Australian nationals already in the US, the UK, the EU, the GCC and Australia who want to explore the exciting projects and investment state side.

”We Have You Covered – Relocate Home or Australians Moving to UK & EU”

In the last number of months we have helped a number of professionals and their families secure employment and make the move home much more enjoyable, knowing they have opportunities before they land home, be it the UK, Ireland and the EU (Mission Critical role).

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