The BrightSide Project

Empowering the BrightSide in all things business, professional & personal success measured on your terms.

The BrightSide Project podcast will deep dive into – All things business, professional and personal, with performance topics from Australia, New Zealand and Globally. 

Topics will range from:

  • Interviews with leading business people in the construction and civil engineering sectors who will deliver the $100 billion Australian infrastructure funded projects that are planned in the next decade. #2030
  • Company and project spotlighting.
  • Professional performance in careers and personal performance (power) to keep up with this rapid life and working environment we find ourselves in pre and post #covidaustralia.
  • Mental health and success rituals to perform at your best from top leaders in their fields. 
  • Plus much, much more.

Thank you for listening, I hope you get so much from each episode. 

“Where Your Focus Goes Your Energy Flows”


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