#1 – Australian Smart Cities & High Speed Rail ”The CLARA Plan”

It was an honour to speak with Nick Cleary Chairman and CEO of CLARA, a passionate Australian and Regionalist in the first episode of The BrightSide Project Podcast.

Who wants to live and prosper in Australia’s new SMART CITIES and travel at speeds of 45OKM between Melbourne and Sydney (Canberra)? To be able to #worknearhome will be the new way of working into the future with 8 new Smart Cities along the route. Is now the time for The CLARA Plan to take centre stage in securing the Australian economic future regionally and nationally?

*Note: at 8 min 50 seconds – Video did not play and there is 2 minutes silence do not switch off, see video www.clara.com.au

To create the AUSTRALIAN DREAM for the 16+ million new Australians that will call this land home in the next few decades and existing Australian’s looking for more in life than expensive living conditions, congested cities and stressful affordability issues leading to less than compelling futures for all Australians. 

Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Pty Ltd (CLARA) under the leadership of Nick Cleary, Chairman and CEO of CLARA, is proposing to build new SMART, sustainable, greenfield cities and connect these cities to world-class high-speed rail between Sydney and Melbourne.  

See the CLARA Video’s here – it did not play in Podcast well at 10 Min 50 Seconds www.clara.com.au

What is The CLARA Plan?

The CLARA Plan is to build up to eight of the world’s most advanced, sustainable, SMART, greenfield cities and connect them with a world-class High-Speed Rail system between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra.

CLARA’s vision is to create the world’s most liveable cities. CLARA cities with be compact, innovative and minimise their environmental impact.

CLARA conjunctly proposes to build a High-Speed Rail (HSR) network between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra, connecting the proposed inland cities. This will include the construction of stations in each of the eight new cities as well as High-Speed Rail platforms being developed for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Within the CLARA plan, there are two viable corridor options which could be the first stage of the CLARA plan: www.clara.com.au

  • Sydney to Canberra, which includes three CLARA cities; and/ or
  • Melbourne to Greater Shepparton, which includes two CLARA cities.

Food for thought !!

‘’Imagine cities where energy is renewable, water is valued, homes are affordable, and people have access to all they need. Where world-class healthcare meets high tech education, and where new and existing businesses will converge to create more vibrant regional economies, providing abundant employment opportunities for all. Cities designed for people, built to unlock all human potential’’ 

Is Australia ready for a high speed rail?

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Melbournians are open to move

It may come as no surprise then that Melbournians are willing to move. More than seven in ten (72%) say they are open to moving in the next three years. What’s more, over half the population (55%) have actively considered moving out of Melbourne. The CLARA Melbourne Market Study conducted by McCrindle surveyed 1,009 people living within the boundaries of Melbourne and explores their attitudes and sentiment towards the city’s growth.

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