#2 The Use of Cross Laminated Timber on an ”Undevelopable” Construction Site in Sydney NSW

In this episode we talked about Modern Methods of Constructions (MMC) and how a 100 + years undeveloped site in Sydney’s Surrey Hills, dubbed  ”undevelopable” by many industry experts.

Situated in Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills has found ”new life” by a group of professionals that have Embraced MMC, lean thinking & DESIGN of a CLT LED Boutique hotel positioned as a high-end hospitality.  

From high strength to a lighter environmental footprint than concrete or steel, the benefits of CLT are proven.  

There is no better that Connie Alessi – to tell us how the use of CLT and ALESSI Design + Build tackled and innovated to create this fantastic project, using MMC & dfma (design for manufacture assembly) solutions.  

Director at Alessi Design + Build, she has raced from site to talk with me here in my office in the CBD.  Connie is a 20-year Design & Construction  professional with a B.int Design and masters in CM from the UTS  

She now is specialising in high end and highly detailed boutique developments and on logistically difficult sites,  across hotels, childcare, workspace and retail, with a Focus on hotel design, interiors and construction. 

Alessi Design + Build is currently –  delivering, the dubbed  ”Undevelopable”  site in Elizabeth Street Surry Hills Sydney NSW 

It’s a 6 story 38 Room Boutique hotel positioned as a high-end hospitality offering.  

This Podcast deep dives into what made this project adopt MMC from inception to future completion and Connies thoughts and views for the Future of CLT and other ideas to innovate, be it design, planning, construction and delivery with an MMC or Dfma solution mindset.    



Contact : Connie Alessi 

The next Podcast #3 will be with the CEO at Global Infrastructure Hub where we will talk about the Future of Australian Infrastructure spending post COVID  and is it enough?  

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